Server hack incidents are on the rise in today’s technology world. Server security is no longer something that only large corporations have to do.

Fortunately for today’s micro businesses, there are a number of very inexpensive providers to enable you to secure your network cost effective manner.

Monitoring alert methods:

  • Email alert to server technician and company contacts.
  • Text message alert to cell phones.
  • Immediate automated inclusion of any alerts into an alert history report.

Benefits your company by monitoring your network environment

  • Be alerted to a server crash or downtime even if no one is in the office.
  • Immediate notification to a new error or issue that may need immediate attention 24x7.
  • Monitor your web site is always available.
  • Monitor email reliability.
  • Monitor server performance.

Basic network and server security methods and software are cost effective, and critical even for small businesses today. Every company has certain data they must secure, both from intruders as well as employees and contractors. Creating proper groups and permissions is and excellent method to provide network. security and server security. 

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