Server hack incidents are on the rise in today’s technology world. Server security is no longer something that only large corporations have to do.

Fortunately for today’s micro businesses, there are a number of very inexpensive providers to enable you to secure your network cost effective manner.

Basic server security considerations include:

  • Strong firewall protection (Cisco and Sonicwall are designed for small business network security needs.)
  • Operating system and software updates to eliminate security holes.
  • Quarterly network and server security audit and report.
  • Corporate Anti-virus software or network security.
  • Physical security of server and networking gear.

Server repair after a server crashes has already occurred is done only by our most experienced server technicians. We can troubleshoot your server even without prior experience on your network.

To schedule a call or visit immediately regarding your server crash, call (856) 816-6159. 

We provide 1 hour onsite service for server crashes as they are considered network emergencies. We understand the aggravation and cost to your company, and up and running again 100%. We also provide temporary or long term server rentals during server repair and efforts.

Server Crash can be caused by many factors including:
  • Hardware failure
  • Software error
  • Bad updates
  • A virus or spyware
  • Server room heat